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  • Subject: Mathematics
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,984 2016/2017

Mathematics is used all around us – in decoding satellite images, in predicting stock market values, in developing climate models, or in calculating the optimum dosage of a medicine. And it is much more than just numbers and calculating. Mathematics involves designing models and developing a theoretical base for solving current issues.

Mathematics is all about insight, logic and abstract thinking. All course units in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Mathematics pay attention to careful reasoning, providing evidence, modelling andsimulation. There are two specialisations you can choose from:


  • General Mathematics focuses on the foundations of mathematics, the core concepts of logic and the relationship between natural sciences and philosophy. You can specialise in one of the following fields of interest:
    •     Physics – electricity & magnetism, waves & optics, quantum physics
    •     Mathematics – chaos theory, security & codes, algebraic structures
    •     Logic & philosophy – models, infinity & paradox, philosophy of science
  • Statistics & Econometrics focuses on statistics and mathematics as they are used in economics and business, for example economic analyses, prediction of stock market values, optimum stock management and planning.

In the second and third year you will follow increasing numbers ofcourse units in your chosen specialisation and field of interest.

Mathematical skills like analyzing and logic are highly valued in the business world; in particular by companies that work with models for risk analysis or financial development. Examples include: Banks and insurance companies, engineering offices (as a consultant), consultancy firms, and Research at an institute  or a university (PhD)

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