Applied Mathematics

SubjectMathematics, Science


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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How do you calculate the air currents around an airplane? How does a satellite stay in a stable orbit? Applied Mathematics focuses specifically on technology and practical applications. You will learn to construct mathematical models for technical problems, to solve the model and to analyze the results.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Applied Mathematics focuses on application. Applied mathematicians enjoy the challenge of finding order in the chaos of practical technical problems, and like to arrange practical situations into abstract diagrams and calculations. If you love maths and would like to work together with specialists from other fields, this degree programme will be right up your street.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Applied Mathematics has two specialisations:

  • Computational Engineering – this is where you will learn to solve technical problems through computer simulations, for example by simulating a wave hitting the deck of a ship

  • Systems and Control – this specialization focuses on stabilizing and controlling processes. This field of study has a range of applications, for example satellites orbiting the Earth.

Applied mathematicians are greatly valued by large enterprises for their skills in analyzing and solving complex organizational issues. Examples include: Research & development for large enterprises such as Philips and Shell, engineering offices, technology consultancy firms, research institutes, for example in aerospace engineering and meteorology and PhD research at a university.

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