About the higher education system in Austria

The Austrian higher education system consists of Universities and Fachhochschulen (or Universities of Applied Sciences). Like in Germany the Fachhochschulen are more practice-orientated and their degrees include mandatory internships.

The academic year can be either structured like the UK system with 3 terms or 2 semesters. This is subject to the university/fachhochschule chosen.

Entry Requirements for Austrian universities

A successful completion of your A-levels is a must. However, which subjects and grades you need varies across universities and courses. Many universities select new students through their own entrance exams and interviews, so good A level results alone may not be enough to earn you a place.

Application Process for Austrian universities

There is no centralised university application system in Austria, so you must apply directly to every Austrian university/fachhochschule you wish you attend.

Most Austrian universities require candidates to fill out an online application form as the first step of the admission process. You must then submit the hard copies of your academic transcripts and other supplement documents as requested to the university. If your application stands out, you will be invited to complete an admission test and/or an interview. If applying to arts and design universities, you should prepare a portfolio to bring with you to the interview. For music and performing arts institutions, it's almost certain that you will be asked to give an audition as part of the admission procedure.

After you have completed the entire admission procedure, you will be informed about the result as soon as possible.

Application deadlines vary across universities, but usually fall between November and March for September start. British candidates may benefit from extended deadlines (usually until June), but only when there are still places left after the regular application period. You should check the website of your chosen university during the summer to find out when their application opens and closes for next year's intake.

How much does it cost to study in Austria?

In general, the tuition fee is €363.36 per semester, or €726.72 per year at every Austrian university and fachhochschulen. One exception is the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria where students don't pay tuition fees.

For private institutions, tuition fees can vary. Prices can be as low as €6,000 per year, or as high as 48,000 per year,but most Austrian private universities charge students from €12,000 to €20,000 per year.

How do I get a visa to study in Austria?

Austria is part of the EU hence you currently do not need a visa.

As a student, you are required to register with local authority (Fremdenbehörde) because the duration of the stay is longer than 3 months.

Can I work there as a student?

After registering with your local ‘Fremdenbehörde’, you are allowed to work in Austria.

Universities in Austria

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