About the Higher Education System in Austria

The Austrian higher education system is divided into Universities and Fachhochschulen. In total there are 22 public universities, 13 private universities and 20 Fachhochschulen. Like in Germany the Fachhochschulen are more practice-orientated and their degrees include mandatory internships.

The academic year can be either structured like the UK system with 3 terms or 2 semesters. This is subject to the university/fachhochschule chosen.

Entry Requirements for Austrian universities

Which requirements you need depends on the university/fachhochschule you have chosen. A successful completion of your A-levels is the first step. However, which grades you need and subject is depending on your course. Moreover some Fachhochschulen may not require A-levels, yet some equivalent work experience. It’s important to check with your desired university/fachhochschule, what you need as each institution has its own procedures.

Application Process for Austrian universities

If you want to apply for a program in Austria, you are required to contact each university/fachhochschule individually. For a complete application you are mostly required to send in a transcript of your A-Levels grades, a motivation letter and a photo. This can be done online. However this can differ for each institution and needs to be checked carefully. Furthermore the deadline also can vary, yet for most organisations it needs to be done by the 1st September.

How much does it cost to study in Austria?

Public universities do not charge tuition fees. Yet public Fachhochschulen can charge up to 363,63 € per semester. For private institutions prices can vary. Prices can be as high as 44.000 Euro for a whole Bachelor study program.

How do I get a visa to study in Austria?

Austria is part of the EU hence you do not need a visa. However people are required to register with local authority (Fremdenbehörde), if the duration of the stay is longer than 3months.

Can I work there as a student?

After you have registered with your local ‘Fremdenbehörde’ and you are holder of an EU Passport, you are able to work in Austria.

Universities in Austria

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