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University Medical Campus in Hamburg is the only medical school currently teaching entirely in English in Germany. Although students study largely in Germany they receive a Romanian qualification from University Targu Mures at the end of their studies. However, UMCH is recognised as a Higher Education Institution in Germany in its own right.

This six-year degree is excellent for anyone looking to work in Germany upon graduation or who wishes to benefit from gaining their practical experience in world-class German teaching hospitals. This is currently the only option in Germany for students wishing to obtain a medicine degree in the English language. Students will have to complete some modules in Romania during each of the first three years but will never have to spend more than two weeks there at each time. Students can opt to study fully in Romania at significantly lower cost from the third year onwards. As this degree is only in its second year it is not known how many students will move to Romania but the expectation is that it will be very few.

The main goal of the study program is to provide students with a holistic introduction to all fields, skills and abilities relevant to the profession. This includes the teaching of basic knowledge about bodily functions, the learning of human pathology – including emotional aspects as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed for diagnostics, therapy, prevention and rehabilitation – and the development of communication skills.

Entry Process and Requirements

Because UMCH is a private institution, and because it is actually affiliated to a Romanian university, its entry process has nothing in common German public medical school admissions. It is certainly not the case that other German medical schools are accessible to you in this way.

You need to have three A’ levels to apply to UMCH and these must include Biology and Chemistry at B or better. You need to submit a short personal statement that answers questions that UMCH provides to you so it cannot simply be replication of a UCAS personal statement. We can provide details of these questions on request. Admission is on the basis of meeting the A level entry requirements and performance in the online admission test (multiple choice questions of general knowledge, biology and chemistry) and the interview. The test and interview happen at regular intervals throughout the application window, usually within two to three weeks of completing your application.

It is currently possible to transfer into the 2nd year at UMCH if you have started your medical studies elsewhere. This only applies to students of medicine and not those who might have completed a different science degree already.

How to apply to UMCH

Applications are now open for 2022 admissions. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

We can assist you in completing the application process to UMCH. Please contact us for further details. The application fee is €500.

Please contact us for assistance and advice.

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