Type of DegreeDoctor of Medicine (MD)

CostEUR 10,000



Cost non-EUEUR 10,000

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Since 2017, the University of Rijeka has offered an integrated degree in medicine taught entirely in English. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1955 and it has an excellent reputation as one of Croatia's leading medical schools. it has proven to be very popular with Italian and German students but there is a growing community of British students as well.

Through the integrated approach to medicine,  students acquire subject knowledge, skills and competencies for their future job activity, as well as the ability to think independently, use critical evaluation,  develop problem solving skills and  to deal with development and scientific work, while respecting the highest ethical standards. Apart from the quality of the educational process and the pleasant study environment, studying in Rijeka is really enjoyable for the various sports and social activities organized by the Students Organizations, as well as for the pleasant Mediterranean and Central European environment that Rijeka offers.

You can download the curriculum of the degree here.


Entry Process and Requirements

University of Rijeka is unusually flexible in its entry processes. This is not always a good thing because it means they occasionally receive applications simply because it can be easier to apply there than to other schools. Please don’t go through the application process just because you can. Spend some time investigating the university and the city. Ask us for information, we will be happy to help.

You will need a minimum of 3 A levels including biology and chemistry at Bs or better. Please contact us for International Baccalaureate, Scottish Higher, Irish Leaving Certificate equivalents. BTECs and Access to HE qualifications are not acceptable.

The university does have  entrance exams that are usually held in March and July. The dates are not yet known for 2021 but applications will close 10 days before each exam. The exam has so far only been held in Rijeka or in Germany but if there is enough interest, we might be able to arrange something in the UK. In 2020, the university did hold its entrance exam online but it has already made clear that it does not want to do this again unless circumstances make it unavoidable. The entrance exam focuses on biology, chemistry, maths/physics. We can provide details of the curriculum and sample questions on request.

It is possible to apply without taking the entrance exam if:

  • You have a BSc in a scientific subject. Please don’t assume that your degree will automatically give you an exemption. We need to check the curriculum with the university each and every time. We have been successful with UK Biomedical Sciences degrees, however. Please do not confuse this with granting “Graduate Entry” or exemption to any first-year modules. This is absolutely not the case. You are only exempted from the entrance exam.
  • You have taken the BMAT in the UK and obtained a score of >4 on all elements.

If you apply using the prior degree or BMAT route you will still have to wait until after the entrance exam before you can receive an offer because you will be ranked in the same pool as those candidates who take the exam.

How to apply to University of Rijeka

Admissions are not yet open for Rijeka but they will be early in 2021. Please contact us for an application form. You will need to provide details of your prior education as well as a CV in the Europass format. Croatian universities also require a copy of your birth certificate and passport. You will need to pay an application fee of €200 before you take the entrance exam or receive a decision based on your prior education. You also need to provide a statement of your general health issued by your doctor but this cannot be dated more than one month before your application.



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