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Humanitas University is one of the largest and most successful centres for medical research and education in Italy. The university currently hosts over 1,000 students from 25 countries.


Humanitas University delivers a comprehensive education and training portfolio, including undergraduate health (Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy) and a suite of specialised Master’s programmes.

The university's mission is to train globally minded healthcare professionals through a combination of interactive teaching methods and close integration with the clinical and research community. Humanitas students develop strong critical thinking and teamwork skills thanks to innovative learning activities such as concept maps, simulations and portfolios.


In order to strengthen its research environment, Humanitas University has built a 15,000 sqm Research Centre, which is ranked in the world’s top 10%. It draws together expertise from more than 24 research groups across different disciplines. In 2015, the university published a total of 600 research papers.

Scimago Research Group ranks Humanitas University in the world’s top 10% institutions for research excellence.


Humanitas students have access to a state-of-the-art 125,000 sqm campus consisted of Humanitas Hospital, Research Centre, Simulation Centre, laboratories, high-tech classrooms, sport facilities, and on-campus accommodation with a wide range of services.

Humanitas Hospital is one of the most technically advanced hospitals in Europe, with the latest models of equipments such as 5 NMR including 3T, 2 CT-PET with cyclotron, 5 radiotherapy accelerators including 2 TRUEBEAM, DA VINCI Robot and Gamma Knife. It is accredited by the National Healthcare System and certified by Joint Commission International. In addition to its specialised centres, Humanitas operates a successfully Emergency Department, with more than 55,000 annual visits. Every day 4,000 patients visit Humanitas and 10,000 outpatient services are performed.

In summer 2018. Humanitas University will open Mario Luzzatto Student House, its first on-campus accommodation. Its residents can expect a safe and green living space just a few steps away from the university.

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