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Why study at European University Cyprus?


European University Cyprus was established in 1961 and has maintained its reputation as the most reliable HE institution in the country. It was the first university in Cyprus and Greece that implemented the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). For this reason, European University Cyprus is one of the top universities in Cyprus for attracting students from around the world. The institution has a student population of more than 7,000, and currently offers many English-taught Bachelor's degree programmes in Medicine, Business, Social Sciences, Music, Computer Science and Engineering.

European University Cyprus is certainly a popular choice of students in the Erasmus exchange programme, but British students still know very little about full-time undergraduate degrees on offer at this institution. 

So here are three reasons we recommend European University Cyprus to British students who wish to get Bachelor's degree abroad.

1. You will be a part of a global network.

European University Cyprus is part of Galileo Education, a global community of private universities.

2. You will learn how to make meaningful contributions to the local community.

European University Cyprus promotes and enhances employability as well as state-of-the-art infrastructures. It is also the top choice for synergy or cooperation with prestigious corporations and international organisations. For example, Microsoft has selected the University to launch and operate the "Microsoft Innovation Center", the only institution of its kind in Cyprus. As a result, European University Cyprus forms an essential part of the social and economic fabric of the region of the Southeastern Europe.

As a student at European University Cyprus, you will benefit from many opportunities to develop leadership skills and work to improve the local community. Especially you can contribute directly to research projects that respond positively to the needs of the members of the university community.

3. You will enjoy their student-centre culture.

Structured on a selection of the best attributes of European and American standards, European University Cyprus provides a diverse and comprehenseive education which ensures the fulfillment of students' personal, academic and professional aspirations.

The Office of Student Affairs at European University Cyprus runs services to help students develop, explore and express themselves as individuals in a community dedicated to mutal respect.

The University also continuously invest in centres and institutes that provide excellent facilities and resources for staff and students. Recently it has expanded and upgraded the campus to accommodate up to 7,000 students. The new campus features modern facilities, well-equipped laboratories, lecture halls, student apartments and entertainment venues.

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