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There are an increasing number of British students at universities overseas. Some of them in the Netherlands can be contacted directly via our facebook page, Dutch Degrees.

Here you can find testimonials for British students in countries all around the world. We will be adding to the students featured here over the coming months.

If you are a British student at university abroad and you would like to share your experiences with future students please get in touch with us.


Christian Garrard

Christian Garrard

Daniel Kerby 

Daniel Kerby

Dillan Cintract

Dillan Cintract

Gabrielle Steele

Gabrielle Steele

 Haider Anwar

Haider Anwar

 Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

 Megan Doxford

Megan Doxford

 Ritwik Swain at University of Groningen

 Ritwik Swain

 Shona McCallin  Sophie Mills

Sophie Mills

 Gemma Scott Nick Gregory, University of Twente student 

 Nick Gregory

FSU student Madeleine Hughes

Madeleine Hughes

FSU Logo

Louise Sherfield, The Hague student

Louise Sherfield


The Hague logo


FSU student Victoria Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell

FSU Logo

NHTV student Brendon Gibbons

Brenden Gibbons

NHTV Breda logo

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew McDonnell

Hanze University logo

HZ student Kieran Edwards

 Kieran Edwards

HZ University of Applied Sciences logo

Stenden student Charlie Roscoe

Charlie Roscoe


Stenden University logo


Sciences Po student Matthew Green

Matthew Green




Sciences Po logo


Groningen student Caitlin Bones

Caitlin Bones


University of Groningen logo