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The interior designer combines the techniques in the interpretation of current trends through an intuitive and sensorial approach to a project.

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The aim of the three year degree course in Interior Design is to generate professional figures who are able to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects in the different specialist areas of interiors: residential, projects in retail design, public spaces and exhibition design.

The course provides participants with the technical knowledge and understanding to resolve aspects in the construction of spaces, the methodologies to develop a concept proposal through to its correct representation. The approach in the course is creative, artistic, and intuitive as well as technical in design.

The study and analysis of the history and the evolution of interior design thinking will be supported by workshop hours that will develop the participants' ability to interpret interior design projects in line with contemporary trends. They will translate these ideas into a structure that tells the story of the space depicting mood and atmosphere, with technical plans and elevations as well as evocative, illustrative interpretations of space and mood.

Participants will be asked to focus on creative proposals with the goal of responding to the needs of the client in the contemporary market of lifestyle living. The projects will look at different segments of the market, such as retail design for learners to translate the identity of a brand for the retail space.

On completion of the course, the aspiring professionals will be able to develop innovative solutions for public spaces and exhibition design and spatial concepts for wellbeing.

The interior designers, through the research and analysis of the changes in the contemporary way we live, plans a space that creates a style story, where the use of colour and light helps to evoke a seductive mood. The designers are able to engage with the project at all stages of its development.

They have competency in progressing the project idea from its inception as a concept, right through to the final presentation and sign-off of the space to the client. Best works made by students in the final academic year will be shown during the Degree Show exhibition.



Understanding Architectural Design

Introduction to Technical Projects

Interior Design

Design Histories


Contemporary Project Analysis

Emotive Design

Style Definition

Design and Cultural Perspectives


Home Style Philosophy

Brand Contamination

Innovative Fashion Interior

Research Theory and Practice


The interior designer has a vast array of employment opportunities. This professional figure can work in architectural and interior design practices, interior divisions of fashion brands, or in editorial publishing for fashion interior or trend publications as a set designer for photographic shoots.

The career of an interior designer also encompasses the activity undertaken in technical workshops in compagnie active in the retail sector. Many designers find themselves working freelance or as interior design consultants.

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