Medicine, Profile Global Health

Course Information
  • Subject: Science, Medicine
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,984 2016/2017

The Groningen BSc and MSc degree programmes have met with considerable appreciation from students, educational experts and quality assessment boards. Over 35,000 medical doctors have been trained in Groningen.

In the international BSc profile, special attention is paid to aspects of global health, such as emerging diseases, differences in health care systems and nutrition and health. During the Bachelor’s stage students must learn Dutch to facilitate communication with patients. The teaching in the follow-on MSc degree programme (also 3 years) is in Dutch.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s programme in Medicine, Global Health profile may continue with the Master of Medicine programme of the University of Groningen (in Dutch!). Completion of this Master’s programme qualifies graduates to register as medical doctors in the Netherlands (and other European Union member states).

Graduates who want to pursue a career in medical research can apply for the Top Master’s programme in Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation or the Research Master’s programme in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology.

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