Dronten is quite a new town, with 35,000 inhabitants. People have migrated here to work in the new, Province of Flevoland in the 1960's, after the land was reclaimed from the sea and turned into the current polder. Today, the town is no longer a pioneering community, but a provincial town in The Netherlands made special by its modern amenities, and affluent, easy atmosphere. The population is a good cross-section of modern Dutch society. Shops, sports facilities, medical care centres, cultural activities, a theatre, cinema, various restaurants and bars are well housed and modern. No quaint leaning houses and Dutch gables here. The town is typified by open spaces, modern architecture, green areas and parks. It is popular as a place to live, new housing is being planned and executed on a continual basis.

Dronten is situated in the centre of the Netherlands, at about 45 minutes driving from Amsterdam. From there you have various opportunities to travel the rest of Europe.

Universities in Dronten

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