Computing Science

Course Information
  • Subject: Computing Science, Information Technology
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,984 2016/2017

How do you develop safe apps for mobile phones? How do you make 3D MRI images? How do you make a computer system find the quickest transport route? Computing scientists design, improve and implement the right software and computer systems which businesses and our social life can’t do without.

In this bachelor programme you not only learn about existing computer technology: the emphasis is on acquiring the knowledge and skills to find new and creative solutions for any kind of computingscience problem.


The programme deals with practical applications. Programming accounts for 25% of your overall programme. Ultimately, the aim is that you know how to make computer programs and systems that work.

Besides working in a team – which is an important skill for your later career – you also get the chance to follow up your own ideas and sharpen your mind. You can choose two specialisations:

  • Business computing
  • Computer technology in business, commerce and the internet
  • Biomedical computing
  • Computer simulations and medical visualisation such as MRI images and CSI like DNA fingerprinting.
  • In the third year of the programme you specialise the most. We have planned this on purpose: developments in computing are incredibly fast.

In many areas there is a great demand for well-trained computing scientists. Examples include: banks or insurance companies, computer suppliers and software houses, consultancy firms, computation or research centres and/or creating your own business.

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