SubjectPhysiotherapy, Health


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 2,984 2016/2017


More Information-

Physiotherapy is taught in a four-year daytime course, training students to be a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. It is the only Bachelor programme of its kind in the North of the Netherlands, so that every year there are more applications than available places. For this reason it is very important to get your relevant information well in advance.


The curriculum has been split up into sixteen blocks. Each year has four blocks and in the first eight blocks the various categories of patients occupy a central position. Of each category – varying from neurological to orthopaedic and rheumatologic patients - you will study both normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology. Moreover, you will of course study the symptoms you may encounter.
Apart from this, both the psychological aspect of coming to terms with disease and also its psychosocial consequences will get its full share of attention. Theory and practical exercises are both based on the relevant category of patient and their setting.

First year

During the first year (Dutch: propedeuse) preparing the student for his later profession occupies a central position. With the help of various categories of patients, medical-biological and physiotherapeutic subjects pass under review. You will also start studying subjects such as psychology, sociology, psychopathology and communication skills. After your first year, you will get binding advice about the continuation of your studies, based on your actual study results.

Second year

During your second year you will study more in depth both theory and methods of treatment. Just as it happened in your first year, every block is rounded off with an exam.

Final phase

The third and the fourth years are characterized by internships, studying in greater width and depth and doing a graduating project. You will also do three ten-week internships. Apart from that, you will use one entire ten-week period to finish your final paper and your graduating assignment. One Wednesday every fortnight, you will return to school for an exchange of experiences with your tutors and fellow-students.

Physiotherapy offers specializations in the following fields:

  • Health Care
  • Occupational Health and Safety (Dutch: Arbo) and reintegration
  • Sports

How to apply

The application deadline for our Physiotherapy bachelor's programme will be 15 January as of this academic year. Students will need to apply through Studielink by this deadline.

However, the Physiotherapy programme uses an entirely decentralised selection procedure and the decentralised selection procedure involves the submission of an application form which the prospective student will receive after 15 January.

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