Lifestyle Transformation Design

SubjectDesign, Arts


Type of DegreeBA

CostEUR 2,600


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Lifestyle is everything. It is a term of which the expression is not limited to specific products, but in which the context is key. Its expression is used to map individuals, a culture or a sub-culture in terms of style. Identity is therefore a key concept in the lifestyle major while the term ‘daily life’ is at its heart. What do you eat? What do you wear? How do you transport yourself? Defining ‘daily life’ is a methodology to develop ideas to expand your focus from your own ‘domestic domain’ to ‘worldwide communities’ and to analyse their characteristic codes.

Lifestyle takes an important place in the commercial market of fashion and interior, but the market is far more diverse. Art and culture, nutrition and health, media and politics are part of it. The market is a meeting place for opportunities. This is the place where the lifestyler sets change in motion at both micro and macro levels, locally and globally. Important traits in this subject are curiosity, affinity with style, interest in recent history and antennas for Zeitgeist. You also need to be able to read and write and be willing to bury yourself into a subject in order to develop intuition. Only then will you hopefully attain the courage to position yourself as an expert and to advise to and about a market that has not yet reached the masses.

The term ‘lifestyle’ has developed from a fashion related term into an active anthropological term, a medium which helps us define, create, communicate, influence and safeguard identity. The lifestyler’s profession is evolving and the lifestyler is expected to be adventurous, almost an activist, in a changing world full of challenges; a world in which the contemporary multi-disciplinary professional practice is not easy to define. Should the Erasmus Medical Centre develop a new diet in the future, the development team should include a lifestyler on top of a doctor, a nutritionist and a facility manager!

The Lifestyle faculty also has an English language stream. It is a completely English language programme in which students in years 1 to 3 who intend to operate internationally can make a head start.

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Lifestyle alumni include: Dorian Jurne Blanke & Rose Schildwacht (Rossi & Blake); Bibi Middelburg (honourable mention TWOTY Upcoming Talent); and Paulien Routs (winner TWOTY Upcoming Talent and listed in the HOT100).


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