Applied Business Administration

SubjectBusiness, Administration


Type of DegreeBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

CostEUR 1,984 2016/2017


The Applied Business Administration study programme will fully prepare you for the multi-faceted role of office manager. As an office manager, you are the person that oversees the internal organisation.

Applied Business Administration is a fascinating and rapidly changing field both in education and the industry. Professional management calls for in-depth knowledge, skills and an appropriate attitude. The Stenden Applied Business Administration programme sets out to give students precisely those attributes. Our recent research has shown that competencies we teach in our programme match well with the descriptions of job vacancies related to Business Administration. As a result, students obtain the skills that are required in the working field.


“Applied Business Administration is a fascinating and varied field of study”

Head of Stenden School of Business.


What can you become?
The Applied Business Administration programme prepares students for a position in senior management. As a business administrator, graduates are required to ensure that a part of the organisation they are responsible for performs well. Whether it’s ICT, purchasing, finance, facilities or administration, managers are required to know what is needed and how the department can contribute successfully to the greater goal. A typical graduate of this programme is able to identify problems quickly and enjoys solving them effectively. 


“I’m very result-oriented, but also like the people-side of things. My internship in which I had to find new clients for the WestCord Hotel in Amsterdam was therefore perfect for me. It was the best way for me to finish my programme.”

Shanna Arts, student Applied Business Administration


Applied Business Administration is the ideal all-round management programme focusing on the internal organisation. Graduates take on positions such as:

  • Branch manager of either small or large company’s locations, responsible for the day-to-day running of the branch.
  • Project manager for a profit or non-profit organisation, ensuring a smooth functioning of the project. That implies stages from planning to execution and then evaluation.
  • Business consultantwithina company or with an independent consultancy firm, looking impartially at processes, recognising and analysing problems and providing solutions.
  • Manager of internal organisation ensuring the engine of a company runs smoothly and that the various cogs within the organisation are tuned to each other.
  • Account manager for a company or non-profit organisation, working on the accumulation, development and strengthening of contacts relevant to the organisation.


“I spent three months in Bangkok and three months in Bali. It was a wonderful experience being able to learn about other cultures. When I got back to the Netherlands, I started my final internship. The things I’ve learnt in theory, such as insights into business processes, I’m now able to put into practice.”

Monique Meijer on her Grand Tour for Applied Business Administration


The programme: what can you expect? 

Starting a degree is like entering a company. In the first year, students enter as a new employee, climbing gradually within the organisation entering in the second year. Managers have responsibilities for ensuring the organisation is running well and looking into how processed can be improved. In the final phase of the degree programme, students will further explore the role of a manager, examining what additional factors are involved and what skills are demanded. Each module ends with a progress test in line with the requirements of the body of knowledge, the set of skills needed for a particular profession. In order to graduate and complete the degree successfully students are required to undertake a paid internship to show their competitiveness of the real business world. Upon graduation, approximately 80% of our students find employment immediately.


For those students who stand out during their degree programme and are extremely motivated, they are offered with an opportunity to follow a plus programme as an evening course during the second and third year. An Honours degree further enhances academic portfolio of a student and can provide with even more opportunities.

Programme start dates

You can start this degree programme in either September or February.

Location: Leeuwarden


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