Architecture (6 years)

SubjectArchitecture, Design


Type of DegreeMaster

CostEUR 9,720


Cost non-EUEUR 9,720

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Duration: 5 years

Language: Spanish & English (English 70% of the subjects)

Campus: Valencia

Cardenal Herrera offer a unique approach to Architecture that provides students with an integrated insight into the full range of an architect’s activities based on CASE METHOD.

Through this methodology students apply theoretical learning to a real project in which they have to analyse, research and make decisions. It is a practical, hands-on learning process with plenty of challenges.

Students acquire practical knowledge related to the profession in the three main branches of Architecture:

- the basic knowledge

- the technical knowledge

- the creative knowledge (related to urban development and construction)

From the very beginning students begin to work on practical architecture projects supported by teachers from various disciplines including Graphic Expression, Construction, Facilities, and Structures and Urban Planning. This is a qualitative leap that guarantees and accelerates the progress of the student’s knowledge and skills.

To ensure students are well prepared for the working world they also study Business Management, Marketing and the Internationalisation of the professional Architectural environment. This leads to an additional qualification in Real Estate and Construction Management alongside the Architecture qualification.

Cardenal Herrera’s School of Architecture is well respected and qualifications are recognized throughout the EU.

International Practices

A European Scholarship for Practice Internships is available to Cardenal Herrera Architecture graduates.

Renowned international architecture studios in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Munich and Porto accepted the first groups of CEU-UCH graduates for six months as part of the European Internship Programme, BEPAD.

Cardenal Herrera has been working with the Aires Mateus Arquitectos studio in Lisbon, the Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos studios in Seville and Amsterdam, the Müller Sigrist Architeckten studio in Munich and the João Álvaro Rocha studio in Porto. João Álvaro Rocha is well known to the students, having been a Masters professor in Architectural Prefabrication; the University even has an exhibition dedicated solely to his work.

Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos has been awarded a prize by the Abe Bonnema Foundation for their part in the renovation of the RijksMuseum in Amsterdam. David Ruiz, an architecture student from Cardenal Herrera, carried out hisinternational work experience there. He was based in Amsterdam at this now award-winning studio and participated in the renovation project that won the award. This renovation project has had one million visitors in five months and its opening was the largest cultural event in the Netherlands in 2013.

Read more about David’s experience here.

Solar Decathlon Europe Competition

Cardenal Herrera participated in the 2010 and 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe competition. The SML House and the SML System gave students the opportunity work on a real project, and a real construction based on the principles of pre-fabrication and self-sustainability based on the solar technologies.

Watch this video to find out more about studying architecture at Universidad Cardenal Herrera.


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