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Cardenal Herrera Universit Valencia

CEU Cardinal Herrera University (in the Spanish language Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera) is a private university located in Valencia, Spain. It is part of the CEU Foundation (Centro de Estudios Universitarios, a foundation for the development of education.

It is now the first private university to appear in international rankings and is the fourth best in Spain.

In 1971 the first private school of Law was founded in Valencia and in 2001 it was renamed University CEU-Cardenal Herrera. There are two campuses: in Moncada, a village 12 km from Valencia, and in Elche, a city in Alicante.

The University has three Schools: Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Technical.

In the first school, students can study Politics, Journalism and Law; in the second, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Nursing; and finally, in the third, Architecture, Design and Computer Engineering.

Currently it is possible to study full undergraduate degrees in English in the Health Sciences and Technical schools.

At the moment, there are 10,000 students in the University from all around Spain. Every year c. 600 students from other countries come to study at the university.

The first year is an opportunity for students to guide their futures and to decide on the path they will follow at the university in the next few years.

From day one CE UCH offer assistance to students on this journey through tutorials and close relationships with their faculties and the university’s services.  
The professors know that their work is not to teach but to ensure that each student learns and intellectually matures.

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