Foundation Programme for Dentistry

SubjectDentistry, Medicine


Type of DegreeFoundation Programme

CostEUR 15,000


Cost non-EUEUR 15,000

Foundation Programme for Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Valencia


From January 2024, GDC Education, the admissions partner of UCV, is launching a foundation programme for students who would not otherwise meet the entry requirements.

The foundation programme is an intensive semester running from January to July, with a study load close to 40 hours per week. It focusses on preparing students for the demands of the dentistry degree and includes an introduction to the first modules of that degree, thus assisting students with the transition to dentistry studies. It also includes intensive Spanish classes and development of study skills. In effect, successful students will be completing the first year of dentistry in 18 months, with much greater exposure to the Spanish language.

Students who successfully complete the foundation programme are guaranteed a place in first-year dentistry. Assessment will be carried out by the teachers on the programme in conjunction with GDC Education. We expect all applicants to be successful but we cannot rule out failure for anyone who doesn't engage correctly with the programme.

Application Process

We do not yet have full details of the application process but we can tell you the following:

  • Entry requirements are BBB to CCD at A' level. We cannot accept students at below this level.
  • There will be no application fee. This will be rolled into the tuition fee for the first year.
  • We will need proof of A' levels, GCSEs, passport and personal statement together with the application form.
  • As the programme will start on 8th January 2024 and UK nationals will need to get a visa, we intend to fill all places within September/October 2023.

There are a very limited number of places available. Please contact us urgently if you are interested in this opportunity. If you do not meet the entry requirements, we can also recommend alternative pathways but these would not be in Spain.



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