Universidad Catolica de Valencia

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Founded by the Church in Valencia, the Universidad Católica de Valencia, ”San Vicente Mártir”, has established itself as a centre of academic excellence and creativity, which seeks to place knowledge at the disposal of society. UCV was founded as a university in December 2003 at the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The university’s origins lie further back in time. It has grown out of the pioneering work carried out since the 1950s by the Edetania Foundation Group, the University School of Nursing, “Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados”, and the Faculty of Business Studies.
UCV sees the expansion of its international links as a vital part of its continuing development. The university currently teaches 18 degree courses in six faculties and one university school. Over the coming years it is probable that many courses will be fully taught in English. 2012 sees the introduction of the first two bachelor programmes in English: Dentistry and Nursing.

Learning at UCV

The University combines its Catholic identity with the rigour of an academic community. This unique character provides students with three main benefits: advanced learning centred jointly on faith and reason, the building of a true university community in a friendly academic atmosphere, and the development of a highly personal academic relationship between tutor and student.

The University considers the role of the professor to be based on three lynchpins: instruction, education and training. The professor instructs by making a fundamental contribution to the development of the student’s personality; s/he educates by encouraging the student to discover and develop their skills and talents; and s/he trains by providing the student with excellent professional skills and a greater sense of how they can use their skills for the greater good of mankind.

The primary goal of the university is to provide students with a rigorous and personally enriching education in the humanities and sciences as well as in their specific discipline. A great deal of attention is placed on preparing students for their future roles in society.

The progress of each student is closely monitored, not only in terms of their academic development but also in terms of their personal growth. It is the goal of the university to ensure that students grow personally and professionally as well as acquire knowledge and technical skills.
The university’s facilities and clinics for the teaching of dentistry and nursing offer a state of the art learning environment.

Living at UCV

The university has around 15,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These are spread over seven campuses in the city and region of Valencia. The nursing and dentistry faculties are located in the centre of Valencia, at the heart of the city and the university. The staff to student ratio is 1:12.

The university has a wide range of facilities and activities available to all of its students beyond the academic requirements. Physical activity and sports facilities are very important to the university. You will also find a Student Guidance Centre to look after the personal welfare of the university’s students. The university has appropriate facilities for students with physical disabilities.

Other courses at Universidad Catolica de Valencia

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