Creative Business (Fast track, 3 years)

SubjectMedia, Management


Type of DegreeBA

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About the course

The "International Media and Entertainment Management" programme is very much practice-based. You learn about all the ‘ins and outs’ of the industry from lecturers with recent (international) experience in this field. By working on real assignments for real clients, you discover what media and entertainment management is all about.

Throughout the entire programme you spend one day a week working in mADE Production House, which is BUAS's own Media and Entertainment Production Company for International Media and Entertainment Management students. Here, you work on assignments and projects secured from industry, together with other students. Consider developing a website, writing a communication plan or organising a media event.

Study programme


The "International Media and Entertainment Management" at BUAS takes 4 years to complete. This fast track option enables you to graduate within 3 years.

First year

In the first year, you will be introduced to the international media landscape. You learn about subjects in marketing, production, content, management and research.

You will also gain in-depth knowledge of management, marketing, online production, communication and research.

The main goal of this year is to train you to develop ideas and concepts for advertising campaigns, television programmes and multimedia events. In particular, you will learn production techniques of ‘classic’ media, such as radio and television. You will also get to know the organizational and commercial aspects of the work. How do you ensure that a project is completed on time - before the deadline - and within budget? How do you manage people and their creative differences? 

You will be supported by a Study Coach who will also help you to prepare for your company work placement in Year 2.

Live-television production

As part of your study, you will do a three-week training programme in live-television production at an exchange university overseas or in studios in the Netherlands.

For instance, you will have the opportunity of going to Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom or Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff in the United States.

Second year

In the first half of this year, you will complete a work placement with a company either in the Netherlands or abroad. When you return you will commence your specialisation one of the following fields:

  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Content

You will also continue to study the General and Research learning paths following courses such as Business Models and Research Methodology.

Throughout the entire programme, you will work in the Production House (which makes, for example, the student magazine BREWED) one day per week.

Third year

Your final year involves completing your specialisation courses and then entering your graduation phase by writing a thesis. The graduation phase can be undertaken through a work placement with a company, again either in the Netherlands or abroad. You are obliged to either follow the work placement or the graduation phase abroad. 

How to apply

To apply to Breda University of Applied Sciences you will need to have three A Levels.

Candidates with BTECs in relevant subjects will also be considered.

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