Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally oriented research university with a strong social orientation in its teaching and research. The university's scientists and students endeavour to solve global social challenges, drawing inspiration from the ever dynamic and cosmopolitan Rotterdam. 

The academic education is intensive, active and application-based. EUR's research is increasingly carried out in multidisciplinary teams, which are closely interlinked with international networks. With this research impact and study quality EUR can compete with the top European universities. Important values for Erasmus University Rotterdam are daring, curiosity, social engagement, working at the frontier and striving for success.

Erasmus University College is part of Erasmus University of Rotterdam and offers a BA/BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Clear focus 

EUR is known as the University of ambitious thinkers and doers. Our cutting-edge profile is characterised by extensive cooperation and our focus on a select number of disciplines. Our academic teaching and research focuses on four areas:

  • Health: from molecule to man to society
  • Wealth: sustainable economic growth
  • Governance: the organisation of companies and society
  • Culture; media, happiness and identity in modern urban society

Profile and focus ensure that Erasmus University attracts special people from all parts of the world. As a result the university is a melting pot of talents of all ages with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This diversity is a strength and the basis for innovation and enables the university - in the spirit of our namesake Desiderius Erasmus - to train their students to be real global citizens.

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