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Will my degree be recognised?

This is a highly important consideration when choosing to study physiotherapy abroad. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information that we give you in this respect and so would advise you to check with UK requirements particularly if you are planning to work here after graduation.

Does it make sense to study physiotherapy abroad?

There are a number of very good universities offering physiotherapy abroad. As it is an increasingly competitive subject at British universities, many students are now looking at study options overseas.

Within the European Union the quality of physiotherapy degrees is very high and universities in Australia, for example, also have an excellent reputation in this area.

What grades do I need to get in?

Each university has its own entrance requirements. A strong emphasis is usually placed on student motivation and exam results alone will not be the only determinant of whether you will be offered a place.

What else should I bear in mind?

There may be a requirement to learn a little of the local language if you are to be working with patients.

Where should I look for physiotherapy degrees abroad?

In Europe there are currently ten degrees in physiotherapy taught in English. Four of these are in The Netherlands including Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen. These are highly attractive to students from all around Europe and as a result, places are extremely limited. Other options are to be found in Hungary, Finland and Latvia.

Australian universities are generally perceived as excellent in the field of physiotherapy.

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