Liberal Arts and Sciences

SubjectLiberal Arts, Science


Type of DegreeBA/BSc

CostEUR 4,000


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Get your Liberal Arts and Sciences degree at a world top 100 university in 2016

The Liberal Arts and Sciences undergraduate programme at University College Groningen is taught entirely in English. It educates highly motivated and outstanding students to develop creative and innovative solutions for both social and science issues. During this small-scale and intensive degree programme, you can build your own curriculum that not only reflects your personal interests, but also fits with your careers aspirations.

University College Groningen provides an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences education and focuses on enhancing employability for graduates.

Liberal Arts and Sciences majors at University College Groningen in 2016

All Liberal Arts undergraduate students at University College Groningen can choose among five major fields to gain critical insignts and practical skills:

  • Humanities
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Cognition and Behaviour
  • Physics of Energy

Get a job with a Liberal Arts  and Sciences degree

Critics say that it is difficult to study Liberal Arts at university and still get a good job when you graduate. So you may wonder "What could I do with a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree"?

A better question to ask would be: "What will I learn from a Liberal Arts education that can help me get a job?"

At University College Groningen, Liberal Arts and Sciences education is all about helping students to develop critical thinking, people and communications skills. Students are taught in small classes and in a series of interdisciplinary group projects. This way you will learn how to apply your knowledge and skills to find systematic approaches and creative solutions for complex problems. You will also be able to communicate your ideas effectively to others.

Another benefit of a Liberal Arts degree is the opportunity to explore a wide range of areas of interests. Through designing your preferred curriculum, you'll develop strong self-learning skills, as well as research and writing skills. These are the valuable skills that you need for future career success.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences undergraduate programme at University of Groningen covers a broad spectrum of subjects, so there is no one set career path for graduates. You will be prepared for both further study and careers in a wide variety of fields such such business, law, scientific research, the arts and governance.

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