Course Information
  • Subject: History, Humanities
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BA
  • Cost: EUR 2,006

New Bachelor's degree in History at the University of Groningen

The undergraduate programme takes three years. Talented and motivated students have the chance to follow Honours programmes to gain 45 ECTS credit points besides the 180 ECTS credit points from the regular undergraduate programme.


In the first year, you will study history in a chronological order and explore most events and developmets from Antiquity down to the present day. You will focus on building academic research and writing skills and learning theories behind the study of history.

The second year teaches you to approach history from a thematic perspective. You will learn about three "types" of history, each with its own emphasis and theory: cultural history, history of political culture, and economic and social history.

While the first and second years' curriculum is quite broad, in the third year you will address one of the themes in more detail. The core module forms the heart of this third year. A core module is a seminar in which you acquire content-related information and research skills by studying literature and source material. This results in an independent research project with a presentation and a long paper. Your Bachelor's phase concludes with a thesis and possibly a placement.

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