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How are stars and galaxies born? Which physical processes play a role in their development? An astronomer tries to map and understand the universe – to study the stars, the gases between the stars, clusters of galaxies, and to find out how they form and why they sometimes disappear.

Astronomy research has been conducted at the University of Groningen since 1883. The Groningen astronomers focus on:

  • galaxies and their evolution
  • large-scale structure of the universe
  • formation of stars and planets
  • interstellar matter
  • instrumentation

The Groningen astronomers collaborated, for example, on the development of the HIFI instrument in the Herschel space telescope and are also involved in the international LOFAR network and the GAIA satellite that will be charting a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy.

During the first two years of the bachelor programme in Astronomy you will acquire a good basic knowledge of physics, mathematics and astronomy to prepare for the specialisation phase. The campus in Groningen has an observatory with a Ritchey-Chrétien telescope where you will learn to make observations. During your second or third year you will also be able to follow a practical at an international observatory on the Canary Islands.

Graduates go on to careers including: PhD research at a university, research institutes, high-tech companies producing satellites and telescopesinternational software firms and other companies, as well as large financial institutions, to make complex calculation models and calculate strategic changes and turnover figures.


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