Applied Physics

Course Information
  • Subject: Physics, Science
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,984 2016/2017

Folding computer screens, organic LEDs and solar cells – many products in our daily lives have been made possible by applied physics. Applied physicists make new
materials, instruments and systems by applying physical phenomena to technical solutions. Their most important skills are analysis, design and construction.

The Applied Physics Bachelor’s degree programme teaches you how physics can be
applied to technology. The emphasis is on thinking in a technological way. The programme concentrates on applications and has an interdisciplinary character. Therefore, the emphasis is on combinations of subjects – physics with design studies, electrotechnology, systems and control engineering, energy and environmental studies, the physics of life, and nanotechnology.

The first year of Applied Physics and Physics is the same; you only need to choose between these programmes at the end of the first year.


Contact during the programme is informal. You quickly get to know the lecturers and you can approach them with any question you have. You will follow lectures and practicals, and conduct your own research in one of the research groups with an international reputation. Our materials research institute, for example, is ranked fourth in the THES world’s Top Ten of institutes in materials science.

Many applied physicists choose a career in industry. The business world is keen on their analytical skills. Possible jobs: research & development, consultancy or policy. Examples include: Industry, major organizations such as banks and insurance companies, management consultancy, engineering consultancies and research institutes.

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