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the course

The idea of the programme is to develop artist skills in the context of the contemporary system of communication and media. This perspective encourages the reflection on the world of technology, which is a key point in order to develop a personal point of view on the reality of art as visual communication and new ways of perceiving our present. Contemporary artists need to express through the use of different media and give back to the complexity of the present that we live in. The curriculum is created to develop a link between the traditional context of visual arts with the use of new media and technological instruments of expression.

The course is supervised by teaching artists and practitioner experts of technologies, media, sound, performance and web artists that will help to develop the personal skills and interests of the participants, teach them to use media and instruments, allowing them the ability to move across media and across jobs: from the more conceptual expressions in art practice, to the more commercial applications in the areas of advertisement, cinema and television. The participants will be encouraged to look at a personal and authentic approach to communicate art-ideas to the world. They will learn how to translate self-expression into appropriate Artefacts. In the course the students will be part of a network of professionals and artists that will help to develop their personal skills and interests, teach them to use media and instruments and will allow the students the ability to move across media and across jobs: from the more conceptual expressions in art practice to the more commercial applications in the areas of advertisement, cinema and television.

The course will be developed during the three years in a constant dynamic of alternation between the knowledge of the history of art, concept development, the history of media and the technical expertise in the use of proper tech, tools and software.

The first year the participants will focus on the specific languages of artistic communication and develop in the second year when the students will be guided to focus on their own personal language and media. The last year is built around the final project: an important event that will give the opportunity to the students to come in touch with the direct experience of the art world, and the professionals, curators, art writers and the public that will take part in the occasion.

Exchange with international artists, gallery owners, curators and art critics will help participants to place their work in context and perspective; they will have the opportunity to form working groups with other young artists and build a vital network to achieve recognition and success in the art market.

Istituto Marangoni jointly with its Paris-based partner Atelier de Sèvres helps you value your artistic production by exposing your work through public exhibition, catalogue publication and editorials. Participate in a degree show curated by a jury of practicing tutors and professionals from the Art world.


The job opportunities of a specialist of Multimedia Art are wide: they may work as a professional artist, but also come in touch with the world of visual communication, work in the field of “Moving Image”, from video to production and postproduction in television and cinema. An expert in Multimedia Art can also work as a consultant for events connected with festivals, fairs, art events and develop mixmediainstallation in the context of fashion, entertainment and culture.

learning outcomes

  • gain a deep cultural understanding of various art forms and practices focused in particular on media and technologies;
  • acquire a full set of skills necessary to translate your ideas and communicate them;
  • demonstrate skills in a variety of technologies related to photography, video, sound and postproduction;
  • develop a specialist area of practice in installation, multimedia or digital art;
  • manage a year-long project that will be the culmination of three years of researching and documenting multimedia technologies.

course themes


  • media and creativity (2d, 3d, 4d)
  • workshops
  • personal project
  • art history


  • art practice 2d, 3d, 4d
  • concept visualisation
  • photo, video, cinema and cultural perspective.
  • art history


  • final exhibition unit
  • art system
  • art and professional development
  • research and theory

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