Information Technology

Course Information
  • Subject: Information Technology, Computing Science
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: Bachelor
  • Cost: EUR 1,984 2016/2017

*Please note the location of this programme is in Emmen, the Netherlands.*

Interested in gadgets, games and computers? Then no doubt one would like to find out more about the Information Technology programme at Stenden. With this degree students can take any direction of work in the field of information and communication technology. The first year would allows students to discover their strengths and areas of interest before choosing a specialisation in the second year.  Information Technology is a practical and sensible course of action.


“The role of technology is changing; it is no longer in a support role. Instead, it is front and center driving business performance and enriching people’s lives like never before”

Research & Development, Accenture


What can I become?

If you like the idea of setting up and maintaining business networks, developing games, websites or videos, or even developing software for gadgets and technical applications, then Information Technology is the right programme to choose. The programme gives students the knowledge and skills to become a multi-media professional, software developer, programmer or systems engineer. Information technology jobs use a universal language in the world, in which automation and digitalisation are increasingly important.


“Being able to find solutions gives you a good feeling – especially because the results are tangible.”

Mark Streur, software engineer at Tales Nederland


Information Technology presents huge opportunities for an international career. Graduates in this challenging field of work take on a position such as:

  • Software Engineer developing specific software for companies and institutions so that their clients can be better served and can optimize and increase their market share.
  • Developer of a new electronic payment system or develop a popular game. Some graduates also take the path of web development.
  • IT consultant either working as independent self employed basis or for a company.

Whatever direction you choose, the chances of finding a job after graduating in IT are excellent (see the Elsevier study of October 2011).

The programme: what can you expect?

The Information Technology programme in Emmen offers numerous specializations. In the first year, the foundations are laid with subjects such as programming languages, networks, databases, web technology and multimedia. Students are taught about the different aspects of information technology and work in small groups on real case studies. In this process, the contact between students and teachers is significant and informal.

In the second, third and fourth year of the programme, students specialise in software engineering, following an internship and completing the course with a final project.

A degree in IT will gives considerable work and career opportunities. IT is used in businesses, institutions and government organisations to make work processes, communication and the development of new products and services more efficient. Graduates also start their own business or become self-employed – the choice is almost unlimited.


“The programme is consistently practical. You design something and then test it in practice. You’re making something new, and it’s exciting to find out if it works the way you thought it would.”

Jeroen Arends, IT student


Stenden MyConcept

The IT programme in Emmen makes use of the Fabrication Laboratory: Stenden MyConcept. The FabLab has the latest innovative devices available, including a 3D printer so that designs can be printed three-dimensionally.

Programme start dates

You can start this programme in either September or February.

Location: Emmen, The Netherlands

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