SubjectMarketing, Business


Type of DegreeBBA

CostEUR 1,984 2016/17



The Marketing programme is offered at the Stenden Emmen campus. This broad commercial programme prepares students for a career in the dynamic field of international trade. The programme will enable students to gain the skills needed to research markets and understand consumers’ behaviour. The programme focuses on the (online) introduction of new products and services in a market, as well as strengthening a market position of a product or service. Sustainability and ethics are part of the common frame of the programme, which will open up broad future prospects for students.

The programme

All aspects of international trade, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, will be addressed during the programme. Students will gain a broad basis in marketing, which will enable them to develop their career in any industry anywhere in the world; an important know-how since international trade is of economic interest for any country. The International Marketing programme enables students to make a valuable contribution regarding sustainability and its three principles; People, Planet and Profit.

The program provides the following minors:

  • Tourism and Event Management 
  • Horse Business Management

Students can also choose from a broad exchange programme, in order to match more accurately an individual's preferences for a particular industry or region. By attending part of the programme abroad, students will also gain useful international experience, which will increase job opportunities in international trade. The exchange program provides an excellent opportunity to combine study and travel.

Very international focussed programme!

The programme has a strong international character. Students always work on cases in an international environment and from international practice. The programme cooperates with companies that operate worldwide, and is part of a network of universities, including universities in Europe, Asia and South America among others. The International Marketing programme literally broadens the horizon of the students.

Gert-Jan Hummel, Senior Lecturer

"Markets are changing faster than ever and consumers expect continuously new products and services, which make marketing awfully interesting. However, how to ensure one possesses the state of the art techniques regarding the use of new marketing and serves the modern consumer optimally? We have noticed that the professional field needs graduates who are aware of the latest insights related to the area of e-marketing."

Gerry Geitz, Academic Dean

"The Marketing programme is very broad. As a result, a student is offered a good overview of developments in international trade. The choices offered by the programme will enable students to gain insight into different topics related to their individual interest, and all of it in a multi-cultural atmosphere. All in all, a quintessential preparation for an international career."

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