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Study Dentistry at Universidad Europea de Madrid

UEM offers a five-year degree in Dentistry leading to the title of Título Oficial de Grado en Odontologia (equivalent to the UK BDS). The qualification is recognised throughout the European Union and beyond. Graduates will be entitled to work in the United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries upon completion of their studies and necessary practical experience. In accordance with European standards in higher education, the five-year dentistry programme consists of 300 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The programme is taught in English throughout all five years. Students will need to know Spanish in order to work with patients and will be required to have achieved B2 level by the beginning of their third year.

Applications in 2018

Applications for 2018 will open in January 2018. Please see below for details of the likely application process.

Entry Requirements for Dentisty 2018

The entry requirements are relatively modest in that you only need to have 3 A levels to apply.  BTECs and Access to HE qualifications are not recognised in Spain but if you have an appropriate BSc we might be able to take this into consideration. We only support applications from students with better than CCC but this does not change the fact that you might get in with less than this if you apply directly.

If you don't meet the entry requirements, UEM also offers a foundation course in the health sciences. If you successfully complete this one-year course, you will be eligible for first-year entry into dentistry in the following year with around 30 ECTS recognised (ie. roughly half an academic year).

It is possible that the entry requirements will change in 2018 and it will certainly become harder for weaker students to be accepted at UEM than has been the case in recent years. Our guidance would be that if you have As and Bs, you should be fine. Bs and Cs are probably also OK but if you have CCC or lower, in future it is highly likely that you will be directed towards the foundation year. This is a guaranteed pathway into the first year of dentistry as long as you meet certain academic standards.

Transfers from other Dental Schools

If you have already completed approximately two years of dental studies at a university within the European Union we might be able to assist you with a transfer into the second year in Madrid (third year is harder and any later is impossible). Please send us your transcript for an initial consideration. In the last year, we have assisted students from Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian dental schools with transfers. We cannot guarantee that you will be successful but we should be able to advise you of your chances. Please be advised that we will not enter into any discussion of your chances of a transfer without seeing your most recent transcript as well as details of your A' levels or equivalent.

Graduate Entry after completion of a BSc Biomedical Science

We are often asked by students from UK universities if they can skip the first year after a completion a Bachelor of Science degree, usually in Biomedical Sciences. There is no dedicated graduate entry route in Spain but it is sometimes possible to get enough credits recognised to get you in the second year. The credit transfer process is different than that for students of dentistry and it is probable that you could enter the 2nd year of the dentistry degree albeit with some first year modules still to complete. Please be advised that we will not enter into any discussion of your chances of "graduate entry" without seeing your most recent transcript as well as details of your A' levels or equivalent.

The Application Process for UEM Dentistry 2018

You can request an application form from us. Once this is complete and you have provided us with your full academic history (please do not leave anything out, including AS level results that may not have been cashed in), we will contact the university to discuss your application.

At the moment the application process is not clear for 2018 as the university is planning on making some changes. While we do not want to publish information that might later prove to be incorrect (and taken from us and displayed in who knows which forums and message boards), we can discuss the likely changes with you once you have completed our application form. All we can say for now is that applications will open in January 2018 and, if last year is any guide, the English-taught places will probably be filled by late March 2018. We would advise you to apply through us before December 2017 if you are serious about getting a place in 2018 as we will aim to put all of our candidates forward on the day that admissions open.


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