Tourism Management

SubjectHospitality, Tourism


Type of DegreeBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

CostEUR 2,060 2017/2018


Tourism is and will stay an important economic driver. All over the world the tourism sector is growing and offering opportunities for those who have an entrepreneurial attitude and open mind to the world. The International Tourism Management programme educates students to achieve mastery and professionalism in an interdisciplinary curriculum comprising several disciplines. The mission of International Tourism Management is “The education of future tourism managers who, through mastery of practical competencies, have the ability to work in an international context and, through bridging divides between economics, ethics and ecology, contribute to the further professionalization of the tourism industry”.


“Travel & Tourism is one of the world's largest industries, supporting 255 million jobs and generating 9 per cent of world GDP” – World Travel & Tourism Council.


What can I become?
Tourism Management is the perfect programme for students with a mindset on creativity, communication, intercultural cooperation and skills for organising. This international course prepares students for a management, consultancy or advisory position in the tourism industry. Graduates will work on the development of new tourism concepts and products and contribute heavily to the professionalization of the field of tourism. It’s a broad programme focused on sustainable tourism and a graduate’s future role in the industry. The programme literally, takes students anywhere and consists of an international character.

A degree in Tourism Management could provide you with career possibilities in positions such as:

  • Purchasing manager buying in travel products such as hotel rooms, apartments and flight seats, negotiating prices, and negotiating partnerships with companies providing transfers and excursions at the place of destination.
  • Marketing and communications manager for a city marketing agency, responsible for ensuring that tourists to your city know what’s happening and that they want to be there.
  • Regional manager of a travel agents acting as the first point of contact for the travel agency managers and providing the link between head office and the agencies.
  • Policy officer for the civil services liaising between government, companies and other organisations, applying organisational skills to activities such as creating new provincial cycle routes.

These are, of course, just a few examples. Some students start up for themselves or work as advisors. Others meet their ambitions as product managers for theme parks. This all-round programme means your career opportunities are virtually unlimited.

The programme: what can you expect? 

Sustainable tourism lies at the core to this programme. Students learn to prioritise the needs of the community and the environment of a tourist destination. Students learn about the impact tourism has on different cultures and which economic factors play a role.

Of course, theory doesn’t work without practice. As early as the first year, a visit to European city and a rural area of tourism in included; followed by a field trip to the Mediterranean in the second year. Students are introduced to all aspects of a management position, and are taught how to market a product or service using specific marketing tools and put theory into practice. To connect the dots with theory and real world, students practice and work with a management simulation game in the third year. During the final year students are required to undertake a 7-month paid internship within an industry-related company and write their bachelor thesis.

Upon graduation, graduates will be ready for the real world and carry the title of Bachelor of Business Administration. With this internationally recognised title, graduates are able to find work anywhere in the world.


Stenden has a major-minor structure in place. Your major is the main focus of your study, but you can add depth or breadth to your knowledge by following a minor. Stenden offers minor programmes in:

  • Community Tourism: covering small-scale tourism in developing countries in collaboration with development organisations and the tourism industry.
  • Heritage Tourism: looking at the management of natural and cultural heritage and examining not only opportunities for tourism, but also how heritage sites can be protected and maintained.
  • Adventure Tourism: focusing on planning and managing outdoor activities such as climbing, diving, rafting and parasailing, and studying the development of sustainable tourism products and innovative strategies. 

Good for the world

The Tourism and Hotel Management programmes of Stenden have successfully met the standards of Excellence. Stenden has been welcomed as Associate Member of the international Center of Excellence.

The International Center of Excellence (ICE) is an independent international accreditation body that specialises in tourism, hospitality, culinary arts and events education. According to the Center of Excellence Stenden “places considerable emphasis on the development of focussed and effective research skills. Students contribute to identified-fields of activity which develops their research competence and contributes to the schools research capabilities. The facilities at Stenden University are exceptional and the use of the Stenden Hotel and other facilities for the development of students results in highly competent graduates who are fully prepared for work positions in today’s industry.”

Programme start dates

You can start this programme in either September or February

Location: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

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