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University of Nordland (UIN) is a place for learning, experience and research for approximately 600 staff and 5700 students. With learning facilities stretched across Nordland County, UIN is an important institution for learning, study and research in the region.
UIN is located at Mørkved, approximately 8 kilometres east of Bodø's city centre. The campus was established in 1985, and has since then been expanded as UIN has grown. The last part of the construction was finished in 2005, and includes a new and top modern library as well as a new entrance area.

What does Nord University offer?

An inspiring, high-quality learning environment in modern and well equipped facilities e.g. library

  • A university large enough to provide room for diversity, but remain clear-cut - all in one place.
  • An international community with study abroad possibilities. Every year, more students take advantage of the possibility of studying or training abroad.
  • Active students, student organisations, a separate student house run by students, well developed welcoming and introductory services for new students.
  • Proximity to Bodø city centre with good communication and public transport, shopping possibilities; and more than 500 clubs which offer diverse leisure activities. In addition, you get an awe-inspiring natural experience.
  • Sports centres, sports fields, swimming pool, alpine pistes, 30 kilometres of lit-up cross-country ski trails, river park, and a well-developed walking and biking path network in close proximity to campus.

Tuition Fees at Nord University

There are no Tuition Fees.

Entry Requirements for Nord University

Completion of secondary education at advanced level, equivalent to passing the exam at the end of Norwegian secondary schools, is the general basic requirement for entry to Norwegian universities and university colleges.

Check out the testimonial of a British student, Megan Doxford, currently studying at Nord University.

Other courses at Nord University

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