Bodø is a municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is part of the Salten region. The town Bodø is located just north of the Arctic Circle. It is the largest urban area in Nordland county and the second-largest in North Norway.

The Norwegian Aviation Museum (Norsk Luftfartsmuseum) and Kjerringøy trading post (Kjerringøy handelssted) are some of the main attractions of Bodø. Moreover there is the beautiful beach of Mjelle, only 30 minutes away by car, which offers you a stunning view of the midnight sun, and the strongest tidal current in the world, Saltstraumen, only a 30 minute away.

In the summer time you can enjoy several festivals in the region, for example Bodø Yoga Festival, Parkenfestivalen and Nordland Musikkfestuke. There are also other festivals in winter, such as Bodø Hard Core Festival, Bodø Jazz Open and the Winter Music Festival Week.

Bodø offers a decent selection of bars and restaurants. There are several small restaurants and cafes to suit students who want to meet up for a meal or a drink, such as Kafka, Sydøst, Du Verden. On the other hand Smak is known as one of the best restaurants not only in Bodø also in Northern Norway. Specialties include typical Norwegian fish dishes.

In your spare time, Bodø has a lot to offer; several concert venues, art galleries, churches, cinema, shopping, gyms, spas, yoga, swimming pool, a variety of sports activities and hiking opportunities.

In spring and summer, Bodø enjoys a pleasant 24–hour daylight. The midnight sun can be seen in June-July. In the winter, you can see northern lights on a cold, clear day, and there is usually plenty of opportunity for skiing, tobogganing and ice skating.

Bodø is around 2-3 km in width and over 10 km long in a roughly east-west line. Hence one of the best ways to get around is by bus or bike. During weekdays buses go every fifteen minutes to-and-from town westwards. The Sentrumsrunden bus takes you anywhere you want within the city centre, and there are also buses going northwards to the suburbs.

Moreover there is a good service of regional buses to other cities. For example a bus to Sweden goes on weekends, giving the opportunity to take a weekend trip anywhere between Bodø and Skellefteå. The county has a good road network and many scenic roads. Bodø Airport is situated only two km outside the city centre, which enables quick and easy transportation to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. There are frequent boats to Lofoten, as well as the coastal steamer which goes between Bergen and Cape North, and calls here every day. The train will take you south to Trondheim, where you can get the train further on to Oslo. 

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