Studying Art and Design Abroad in English

Will my degree be recognised?

This is not really an issue with Art and Design degrees.

You are far more likely to be judged on the quality of your work than the quality of your university. However, there are still universities and design schools that are better than others and it is worth considering this when planning to study Art and Design abroad.

Does it make sense to study Art and Design abroad?

This really depends on you. There are many good design schools in the United Kingdom so it is not necessary to go abroad in order to find a good quality education. However, recent funding cuts at UK art schools, coupled with high tuition fees, means that you can usually find a better offering at an art school overseas. There are many private design schools around Europe and, in countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain, it is likely that these will be your only options if you are looking to study in English.

For all design subjects, from graphic design to fashion design, it is important to ensure that your university offers you plenty of practical experience of the working environment. You should look for a university that can offer you excellent work placements and internships. This will assist you in finding a job after you graduate.

If you wish to study industrial design abroad there are several good universities in the Netherlands that are closely connected to industry.

Design and technology is one of the largest sectors of the UK economy but it is also one of the most competitive. It is worthwhile investing in your skills to ensure that you have a competitive advantage.

What grades do I need to get in?

Grades are not usually the issue for design courses. In common with British universities, greater emphasis will be placed on your portfolio and any practical skills you have already amassed. Some universities will use projects and selection days as a means of deciding which students to admit. This might mean that you need to visit a university on a particular day if you wish to apply there. These days will not usually combine well with your study commitments in the UK.

What else should I bear in mind?

Not all design schools will be strong in all areas. Just because a university is good for interior design, it doesn't necessarily follow that it will be good for web design.

Where should I look for Arts and Design degrees abroad?

You can find design schools all around the world, from USA to Australia and throughout Europe, for example  Willem de Kooning Academie or Academie Minerva, both in The Netherlands. You can even find universities abroad that offer design degrees accredited by British universities, such as Prague College (Teesside University).

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