International Gateway Programme - Liberal Arts

SubjectArts, Science


Type of DegreeBachelors


Cost non-EUGBP13,000

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International Gateway Programme: a Unique Opportunity

Florida State’s International Gateway Programme allows students to spend the first year of their undergraduate degree at one of four international campuses (London, Florence, Valencia, Panama City) and then transfer to the United States to earn the remainder of their degree at the main campus in Tallahassee, Florida.

Gateway students also have the unique advantage of meeting and studying with American students with whom they will share the same campus when continuing studies in the USA. Transfer assistance will be available both at the international centres and in Tallahassee, providing a smooth transition to life in the States.

One of the particular attractions of the programme for UK students is perhaps the opportunity it provides to work in the US upon graduation through a visa designed to offer international students the chance to experience practical training in the workplace.


Re-Defining Study Abroad

By creating an environment where British and American students meet as peers in the classroom with a sense of common ground for each, the FSU International Gateway Programme redefines the parameters of Study Abroad.

Collaborating with people of different nationalities and understanding global issues is essential to any student's personal and professional development. It is increasingly critical to a graduate's future success in the workplace.

Through cross-cultural interactions and participation in intercultural dialogues, students on this programme will draw on the rich heritage and environment that is Florida State University while earning an undergraduate degree comparable in both academic rigor and cost to that available in the UK.

With ever-increasing competition for university places in the UK, applying to FSU provides an alternative path to university for those students wishing to secure a place for entry immediately after A’ Level results.


The Liberal Arts Approach

One of the advantages of the US higher education system is that most students can defer subject specialisation until the second year. This Liberal Arts approach allows you to explore broad areas of academic interest before focusing on a final choice of major subject such as history, politics, chemistry or indeed any one of the 94 undergraduate degrees offered by FSU. Whatever the discipline chosen, however, flexibility is the key to crafting an undergraduate degree reflective of your particular academic interests.


International Gateway Programme Video

Watch students and staff talking about the FSU International Gateway Programme



Gateway program students are guaranteed housing at both their international campus and at FSU’s main campus in Tallahassee. Dormitories offer community-style living that allows students to meet and build relationship with their peers, all while staying informed and engaged with university events, activities, and opportunities.

International campuses are located in central city centers and are equipped with classrooms, libraries and study areas accessible for student needs.


Living Costs in the US

Gateway Campus 2015 housing costs are £8,600 (c.€11,000) for self-catering shared rooms in flats. These fees include a full range of cultural activities. Twelve months housing and food in the US is around£7,000 (c.€9,000).


Read about British students’ Madeleine Hughes's and Victoria Mitchell's experiences of studying at FSU.

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