Economics and Management

SubjectEconomics, Management


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 3,500 to EUR 9,200



Cost non-EUEUR 8,190


USC students

A diverse and multicultural class enriches the students’ learning process. Classes are taught by instructors (professors, lecturers) with a strong academic background, most of whom have teaching and research experience at some of the world’s finest universities.

The undergraduate programme in Economics (“Laurea Triennale in Economia delle imprese e dei mercati”) is designed to give the student the necessary tools for carrying out active roles in business decision processes by interpreting business phenome­na through the understanding of theories, quantitative analysis techniques and the most up-to-date institutional references.

First year

■ Principles of management - 8 credits
■ Introductory Microeconomics - 8 credits
■ IT for economics and management - 4 credits
■ Principles of law - 9 credits
■ Organization theory and design - 8 credits
■ Mathematics - 9 credits
■ Economic history - 8 credits
■ First foreign language I - 4 credits

Second year

■ Introductory Macroeconomics - 8 credits
■ Economic policy - 8 credits
■ Financial accounting - 8 credits
■ Statistics - 9 credits
■ Comparative company law - 9 credits
■ Financial market, credit and banking - 8 credits
■ Financial mathematics - 5 credits
■ First foreign language II - 4 credits
■ Second foreign language - 4 credits

Third year (Major in Economics)

■ Public finance - 8 credits
■ Applied statistics - 8 credits
■ Corporate finance or Business strategy - 8 credits
■ Two field courses among the following: - 16 credits
   ○ Monetary economics
   ○ International economics
   ○ Game theory and strategy
■ Two elective courses (students are advised to choose among the following elective courses or the above field courses not chosen): - 16 credits
   ○ Business strategy
   ○ Corporate finance
   ○ Marketing management
   ○ Management accounting
   ○ Information systems
   ○ International business law
■ Final dissertation - 3 credits


Career Opportunities

Students that have completed an Undergraduate Programme in Economics or in Management can either apply for a gradua­te programme or enter the job market. Students may find job possibilities in both Italy and abroad. The main career  opportunities are:

  • Professional and managerial careers in internationally-oriented companies, in different industries (manufacturing, services, consulting, finance, governmental institutions), in different roles (marketing and sales, controlling, operational processes, finance, HR, administration, etc.)
  • Careers in financial and monetary markets
  • Research careers, with special reference to international affairs
  • Careers in international and transnational institutions

Application Process and Entry Requirements

The degree in Communication Management accepts students in four Admission Rounds that take place in January, February, March and April, although the final round will only happen if there are still places available. All candidates who apply in each round will be ranked against each other and offers will be made approximately six weeks after the closure of each round. Your chances of success will probably be highest in the earlier rounds.

Students with 3 A levels in relevant subjects or two Advanced Highers plus four Highers are eligible to apply. International Baccalaureate and Irish Leaving Certificate are also acceptable. Btec Level 3 qualifications are not acceptable anywhere in Italy. (If your mother tongue is Italian you cannot apply on the basis of an A level or Higher in this subject.)

For Further Information

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