International Economics and Management

SubjectEconomics, Management


Type of DegreeBachelor

CostApproximatelyEUR 13,000



Cost non-EUEUR 13,000

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The world we live in is getting more complicated each day. Distances are shorter, times are faster.

Globalization of cultures and operations is a reality, independently from our judgement of it. Increasingly, it is necessary to think and operate not only in European terms, but also world-wide terms.

The Bachelor of International Economics and Management, entirely taught in English, enables students to analyse and understand these complex dynamics thanks to a solid preparation focusing on enterprises and public and private institutions operating internationally. The program gives students an in-depth assessment of the structure of the economic and financial system from a European and international perspective, providing them with the tools needed to deal with the mechanisms which regulate the process of integration of different economies, firms and institutions. We strive to create a profile of decision makers who are equally at ease in any country and setting.

These courses teach students the basic concepts in economics and management and provide a solid foundation in law, mathematics and statistics. An essential perspective is offered by the economic history course.

In this second phase, the study program develops main topics regarding international economics and management. In these core courses, students study the dynamics and determining factors of the global economy: growth, inflation, unemployment, and fiscal and monetary macroeconomic instruments. They also analyse political and economic integration processes in Europe and in international markets. The institutional, administrative and constitutional contexts, social dynamics, rules and regulations operating in European and non-European markets are all examined from a comparative point of view.

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