Food Production Management

SubjectAgriculture, Environment


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 3,500 to EUR 9,200


Cost non-EUEUR 3,500 with scholarship

Università Cattolica’s Faculty of Agricultural, food and environmental sciences is offering 11 scholarships to talented young students with a strong interest in analyzing and responding to the challenges of the food industry. 
This decision comes from the acknowledgement that there is an urgent need to cultivate, package and distribute food sustainably at every step, from farm to fork. 

Scholarship details: Successful applicants (Non-EU residents only) who are awarded the Scholarship will have the yearly tuition fee of €8,040 reduced to €3,650 for the 3-year duration of the degree.

How to apply: Applicants interested in being considered for Università Cattolica - Food Production Management Scholarship will need to submit this specific motivation letter.

The Food Production Management degree is taught at Cattolica's Piacenza campus because it is located in one of the most important agricultural areas of Italy, home to an estimated 53,000 agricultural businesses.

The Food Production Management programme curriculum provides knowledge and skills for students aiming at managing the different levels of the agri-food chains. Students learn the innovative principles and techniques of agriculture, from the fields to the table, to produce safe, sustainable and high quality food. Focus will be on the supply chains of dairy, cured meats, viticulture, cereals and horticultural produce. In particular, high quality “Made in Italy” products value chains are used as study cases.

The competences acquired on the degree can be applied to:

  • the production, quality and sanitation in ‘made in Italy” husbandry;
  • the transformation and conservation techniques of plant and animal products;
  • food safety and legislation;
  • the impact on environmental sustainability;
  • aspects relating to the economic valorisation of agri-food products, with particular emphasis on those of Italian tradition and to the management of the enterprises.

It is the first degree programme of this kind in Italy entirely focused on agri-food sustainability and its economic and environmental components.

The programme provides knowledge and skills for students aiming at managing the different levels of the agri-food chains (input supplying companies, farms, food processors, traders and retailers, support organizations) particularly in those situations where interactions along the value chains represent a success factor for improving and maintaining products’ quality, sustainability and, above all, market performance. This programme gives access to graduate programmes: for example our Master of Science in Agricultural and Food Economics, or a Master in Viticulture and Enology.

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