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Warsaw University of Life SciencesThe Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS - SGGW) is the oldest agricultural academic school in Poland. Its history dates back to 1816. At present, the University consists of 12 faculties and 6 interfaculty units with 25,000 enrolled students. Student can choose from 27 disciplines and 60 specialties. SGGW has been a regular member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS). ELLS (is a network of 7 leading universities, cooperating in the fields of Natural Resource Management, Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Life Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Food Sciences and Environmental Sciences.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1927 and since that time it has been providing education, research and development, veterinary services and many other activities. At present, the Faculty manages 2 buildings for basic and preclinical sciences, and two modern and well equipped clinics: A Clinic for Small Animals and Equines.

This five and half year program, taught exclusively in English, is based on the standard D.V.M. program offered at the University. The program is EU accredited and the curriculum is tailored to the international practice of veterinary medicine.

The university has around 1,100 veterinary students, of whom around 50 each year are enrolled on the English-language programme.


The university campus has its own novel sport facilities including a swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball court, football field, basketball court, a fitness centre with a sauna and numerous aerobics activities. These sports facilities are only 100m from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine buildings! The academic horse riding area is 50m from the Faculty Horse Clinic in Wolica (which is only 2km from SGGW campus).

Tuition Fees:

Annual tuition fees are €7600. There is an additional registration fee of €625 per student.

Scholarships: No scholarships are available.

Entry Requirements:

You will need to have completed A levels. In addition, there is a compulsory entrance examination which tests your ability in biology and chemistry. You can sit the exam in London on several occasions throughout the year. Other locations may also become available. An offer will be made to you based on your performance in the exam. Preparation courses for the entrance examination are available. However, if you have, or are on your way to obtaining, good grades in your A levels, you should be well enough prepared for the exams already.

For students who already hold a BSc and have passed the biology and chemistry entrance exam, the University Board of Admissions will decide as to what year they will be placed, based on the curriculum learned during their high school and Bachelor(s) degrees.

Link to university website: www.sggw.pl/

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