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Type of DegreeBLJSt

CostAUD 18,720


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The Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies provides a thorough practical grounding in legal knowledge and opens up opportunities for entering the fields of law and justice at the para-professional level. For people who have already been working professionally in the fields of law and justice, this course will help extend their knowledge, skills and expertise to develop their career. This Bachelor degree is an extension of the Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies), and offers a wider choice of specialised study areas.

Students who want to become lawyers and who achieve the necessary grade point average may apply for admission to the undergraduate entry or the graduate entry Bachelor of Laws during or at the completion of their studies, respectively. 

Alternatively, students who wish to exit this course early with the Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies) may do so with the completion of the required 16 units

Career Opportunities
Depending on their area of specialisation, graduates typically work in legal firms, corporate firms, government legal departments, law enforcement agencies, legal aid offices, court administration, public prosecutions, and in the corporate sector in finance, banking and insurance. As long as they have completed the required units, graduates may apply for a conveyancer’s licence in NSW.
Professional Recognition
The Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies, with a major in Conveyancing, is accredited by NSW Fair Trading.
Professional placement
Students can undertake voluntary legal experience and paraprofessional placement with legal firms or offices to complement their practical legal skills and become familiar with the issues facing working paralegals.


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