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Cost non-EUEUR 8,900

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The world is changing fast. Businesses are shifting their horizons and going abroad more and more. Many companies relocate their supply chains, businesses expand to foreign markets or try their hand at the stock market. But what are the implications of all these changes for the legal arena?

Global Law provides a new point of view when it comes to law: it puts "global" before "local" . Global Law goes beyond the limits of one jurisdictional system and allows you to integrate knowledge from different research fields when you tackle an assignment. These skills are essential when you work in an organisation where legal cases can involve a range of different jurisdictions, perspectives and solutions.

The Bachelor Global law offers a unique learning experience. In this programme you will work together with your classmates from all around the world, receive instruction from excellent researchers and teachers and develop your ability to conduct scientific research. The interdisciplinary programme gives you insight into different research fields. When you finish, you will have the unique skills of a global lawyer, demanded in a globalising world! Want to get a glimpse of the programme?

After your LLB Global Law

Graduates from the program can apply directly for functions in international organisations, in the public sector or in academia. Students who wish to have access to the traditional legal professions should inquire the requirements for that in their country of interest. Tilburg Law School offers several courses that, together with a legal Master, provide access to the legal professions in the Netherlands.

Leading positions on the international labour market

You've graduated from the Bachelor Global Law, and now hold a Bachelor of Laws degree, congratulations! You are ready to start your career as a professional in an interdisciplinary team within a large organisation. With the skills acquired during your studies, you will be well equipped to aim for leading positions in your career. Did you complete Global Law as a graduate entrant, on top of your previous degree? You have a unique combination of knowledge and skills that make you a force to be reckoned with on the international labour market!

Master's programme

If you complete both a Bachelor's and Master's programme, you will be a well-rounded legal advisor. Tilburg Law School offers several Master's programmes that marry very well with the Bachelor Global Law, such as the Master's programme International Business Law or International and European Public Law. You will also have ample opportunity to complete your legal training at a programme of high quality at a different university, inside or outside the Netherlands.

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