Sønderborg, a market town located on the island of Als in Southeast Jutland, Denmark, has a popuSonderborg in Denmarklation of around 30,000 people.

There is a large student population so the social life in Sønderborg is lively. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs.

The town of Sønderborg is a mix of old and new – an 800 year old castle which is now a museum, the enormous German naval station and surrounding single-family houses from the early twentieth century and the more recent modern bridges to the mainland.

Sønderborg municipality comprises the island of Als and the two peninsulas Broagerland and Kær. It has one of the Denmark’s longest coastlines. To the west and south is the long coastline of Germany.

As a result of being close to the border with Germany, it has been at the centre of many important events in Denmark’s history, not least the 1920 referendum when determined the present border between Germany and Denmark, when Southern Jutland (North-Slesvig) voted to belong to Denmark whilst South-Slesvig chose German nationality.

In the Sønderborg region, there are some 300 manufacturing industries. Most of them are small or medium-sized companies involved in metalworking, electronics, and the production of high technology communication equipment.

But Denmark’s largest industrial concern the Danfoss Corporation, employing some 20.000 people, also has its headquarters near Sønderborg.

Transport to Sønderborg

Sønderborg is well connected by train within Denmark. It is located at the end of a main line to Copenhagen with trains every 2 hours during the day.

You can take the train to Sønderborg directly from Copenhagen airport (c. 5 hour train journey). The flight from London to Copenhagen is a 1.5hr flight.

Sønderborg does has its own airport, which is around a 15 minute drive from the centre. The airport is, however, not very well connected: the only commercial flights available are to and from Copenhagen with Cimber Sterling (c. 1 hour journey time). Therefore it is a good idea to investigate flights to nearby airports.

Transport from Billund airport in Jutland (with Ryanair flights) is via bus or a combination of bus and train (c.4.5 hour train/bus journey).

Hamburg airport in northern Germany is also an option as it’s possible to travel by train to Sønderborg via Flensburg (c. 4-5 hour train journey).

From Copenhagen , trains further afield to Sweden and beyond may also be taken. Towards Germany you often need to change twice in Padborg and Flensburg.

Universities in Sonderborg

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