Slagelse, a market town in east Denmark, is in Slagelse municipality on the island of Zealand. It is about 62 miles southwest of Copenhagen. The population is around 32,126, of which around 7,000 are students.Slagelse in Denmark

Slagelse is one of Denmark's oldest towns, founded in the Viking Age with the Trelleborg ring fortress. King Harald Bluetooth's impressive ring fortress from the late 900s is the best preserved of its kind.

It was also in Slagelse that fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen attended grammar school.

At Slagelse Museum you can walk through a street from that time, or sit at one of the old school desks and think back to Hans Christian Andersen's schooldays.

Slagelse, which is located close to the Great Belt Bridge (which connects the two islands of Zealand and Funen), is today a modern royal borough with shopping centres, old squares, elegant streets and lively cafés. Once a week the hussars of the Household Cavalry ride through the streets of Slagelse.

Whether you fancy handball, tennis or swimming, Slagelse offers you great facilities. Denmark´s first Parkour Park is situated near Slagelse in Gerlev. (Parkour is a holistic sport training discipline that aims to overcome obstacles in the most effective and fluid way – and it inspired free-running).

Outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, golf and horseback riding are possible as well. The beach is just a 20 minute bus ride from the centre. Slagelse also has a large roller skate rink.

With more than 300 unions in sports and culture leisure activities take place all year round. 

Slagelse Festival and St. Michael’s Night are the biggest cultural events outside Copenhagen. 

The town has a theatre, which is the region’s large auditorium, Krabasken which is the largest amateur theatre and Slagelse Concert Hall which hosts some impressive concerts. 

Getting to Slagelse

Denmark´s capital,Copenhagen, is within reach of 55 minutes by train, which departs every half hour from Slagelse Station. The third largest city in Denmark, Odense, is just a 30 minute train journey away.

The flight from London to Copenhagen is c. 1.5hr flight.

Universities in Slagelse

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