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Research conducted by HAN students and teachers of Life Sciences and Biochemistry is used by Oxford University to do further research. The aim of this HAN project sponsored by Shell and Syngenta, is to predict the toxicity of certain substances on human reproduction and development. The roundworm (C. elegans), which is often used as a model organism in biochemistry, is central to the research.

Dr. Allison Woollard, dean and lecturer at Oxford University and colleague researcher Dr. Samantha Hughes held lectures at the HAN on 16 and 17 January 2013. Students presented and discussed the research results and received feedback from the two distinguished scientists. Teacher Remko Bosch commented that “Approval of and feedback on the high level of our research from renowned scientists is worth so much more than receiving a grade”.

Students of Life Sciences and Biochemistry used mutant C. elegans as a research model for cancer. These results will be used by Dr Hughes’ department at Oxford in further research on C. elegans. The successful collaboration also resulted in 2 internship places for HAN students at Dr. Woollard’s department in Oxford.

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