Fashion Design

Course Information
  • Subject: Fashion, Design
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BA (Hons)
  • Cost: EUR 16,400 2016/17 plus EUR 3,500 enrolment fee

the course

The three-year course in Fashion Design trains professionals in many abilities in the field of fashion and the techniques for the development of designs and the making of garments, responding to changing needs in the fashion industry and international luxury.

Starting with the techniques in design, the course will address the analysis of fabrics and clothing manufacturing, as well as aspects of production. The study of fashion trends will allow for the creation of a collection that responds to the needs of the target brand. 

The fashion designer is the inspiration for creative ideas and new trends, not only clothing, but also in fabric development and in the world of accessories.  They create collections based on an informed analysis of materials and fabrics in connection with art, marketing and fashion.  They know how to calculate timeframes and production costs.  The designer satisfies the needs of the target market, while respecting the brand image and in keeping with trends.  

At the end of the course, the graduate will have an intimate familiarity with the contact network set up by Marangoni, to independently enter into the working world of fashion. 

The diploma in fashion design trains experts to predict trends and tendencies: the fashion designer can work for private labels or in collaboration with Italian fashion houses and their style studios, as consultants or researchers.  

They will be able to design collections for women, men and children, as well as accessories, with a permanent eye focused on new evolutions in fashion design.  By the end of the course, the fashion designer can also carry out training tasks in their selected sector.

learning outcomes

  • understand the process of fashion design and develop creative abilities, both intellectual and technical, necessary to operate in the fashion industry;
  • apply current avant-garde technologies, demonstrating understanding and use;
  • develop the ability to compare and communicate ideas and information in the context of the various roles in the fashion industry;
  • demonstrate a professional approach, which denotes an ability for problem solving, conclude and sustain an appropriate professional thesis for setting up a business or to pursue a post-graduate course.

course themes


  • design architecture
  • experimentation with cloth and design
  • design of collections & portfolio
  • history of art and clothing


  • brand revival
  • connection between art and fashion
  • personal style
  • contemporary views in fashion and culture


  • personal exploration and experimentation
  • design of a collection
  • development of a collection or preparation of a professional portfolio
  • research, theory and practice

Life After Marangoni ...

Eddie Gavriilidis

profession: Freelance Fashion Designer & Consultant who has worked with Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Lady Gaga

country: Greece

brand or profession: fashion designer freelance

progremme studied: fashion design, three-year course undergraduate


graduated in:2011 

After working for established fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford, he became a freelance designer and fashion consultant and founded his own brand. He was later nominated for the Global Fashion Awards, and the best of his collections have been worn by well-known personalities from the world of entertainment.

Lady Gaga was the first to debut his designs with a mermaid style dress made from thin strips of python skin applied to a transparent mesh fabric.

At the world premiere of Skyfall, the latest Bond film, at the end of October 2012, the Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou wore a gown designed by Eddie with lateral falls of golden applications. Eddie just seems to have a soft spot for decorations that are precious but extremely light.

His work has been published in Vogue, Madame Figaro and the Daily Mail.

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