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The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a modern, specialist performing arts college located in the cosmopolitan town of Sitges. Founded in 2013, IAB is uniquely positioned to offer international, integrated and multidisciplinary training in performing and recording arts.

Our success has been built on a vision to create an environment where talented young performers from all over the world can collaborate to develop their skills and earn a UK-validated degree. Each year, students from over 30 different countries come to study with us. Our students benefit from top-level professional teaching staff and world-class facilities in a stunning location on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Our education at a glance

"I remember the first day I arrived, everyone was bustling with excitement and engery. It was electrified. It was a very positive and supportive energy." (Rafaela Nicolay)

At the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, you can train in a broad range of disciplines, including acting, dancing, musical theatre, aerial arts, physical theatre, voice and singing

Institute of the Arts Barcelona offers full-time programmes, short courses and summer schools. High school graduates can join our 1-year Foundation Certificates and 3-year BA (Hons) programmes. Rigorous, intensive and transformative, these courses provide a well-rounded vocational education, giving you the artistic and entrepreneurial tools needed for a successful and lasting career in performing arts.

While at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, you will receive guidance and support from an international faculty. Our teaching staff have strong professional connections in the entertainment and performing arts industries. They are active performers and cultural figures who have performed on some of the world's most famous stages and taughted at acclaimed arts institutions. They are extremely enthusiastic about bringing their knowledge, insights, networks and innovative approaches into our studios and theatres. In addition, we regularly offer masterclasses and lectures from several internationally recognised theatre practitioners and industry-leading professionals.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona provides an excellent academic environment for you to grow both personally and professionally.

Arts education in a perfect location

"The people are so genuine and welcoming, and that makes all the difference. They love having us here. And we love being here." (Felicity Dorey, UK)

Institute of the Arts Barcelona is located in Sitges, a picturesque coastal town just under 30 minutes from Barcelona's La Rambla and a short bus ride to the city's major international airport. Due to the popularity of Sitges as a resort area, employees of local banks, hospitals, and shops speak English fluently.

With a strong cultural legacy and rich contemporary cultural life, Sitges is an ideal place to study arts. At the beginning of the 20th century, Sitges was a mecca of the modernist movement. Faces as famous as Picasso, Dali and Miro visited old town’s beautiful streets. Sitges has held on to its reputation as an outward-looking place for innovative artists. Nowadays, several famous artists make Sitges their home. Tourists from all over the world come here for one of Europea's largest carnivals.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona students enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and low living costs of Sitges, while also benefit from the vibrant local art community. With strong connections with international art institutions and a network of young, talented artists, IAB is proud to have created a new cultural identity for Sitges.

The Conservatory for the Executive Arts

Our home, the Conservatory for the Executive Arts, was designed by Antoni Gaudi, a famous Catalonian architect. The building has a long, fascinating history and was recently rennovated by the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. It boasts an impressive array of facilities, including a theatre seating up to 200 people, modern dance studios, rooms for rehearsals, innovative music studios and numerous cafes and relaxing spots.

Student support and accommodation

For many new students, joining a course at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona will be their first experience of living away from home, and for most it will be the first time they have gone to live in a foreign country. It’s a big step that will be filled with excitement, but it’s a step that should also be taken with security and confidence.

Our Student Services are ready to help you ease into your new life here. We can help you with accommodation — there are plenty of accommodation options near the Institute. Most first-year students live in the Utopia student hostel which is only seven minutes’ walking distance from the campus, it is affordable and has a friendly ‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

Our support staff are here to help find the right accommodation or even help find a flatmate to share with. If Spanish is a weak point, we can help with issues such as getting a mobile phone or opening a bank account.

We take our students’ physical and mental health seriously. Dancers especially can be prone to injury and most students at some stage will feel stressed or may experience psychological issues. Money problems, course difficulties, accommodation worries or even problems with friends or family are all issues that need to be shared and talked about in confidence.

We offers a full-time, in-house counselling service for students, and will also quickly direct you to appropriate medical care and support if you are going through a difficult time.

Most of all we are here to help make the time spent at the Institute happy and fulfilling. We are a small institution and caring community, which means we are able to provide holistic care to all our students.

Admission to the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Our admission process is very straight-forward. It involves an audition where you can demonstrate your talent, creativity and commitment to pursuing a career in performing arts.

The first step is to complete an online application, which is available on our website. You can then choose a date for your audition. We conduct auditions several times per year at multiple locations around the world. To complete the registration process, you need to pay an application fee of €50.

When you arrive at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona for the audition, you should bring a passport photo and all supporting documents such as diplomas, qualifications, and certificates. We will inform you shortly after the audition whether you have been accepted to the Institute.

Other courses at Institute of the Arts Barcelona

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