Aeres University of Applied Sciences

University typeUniversity of Applied Sciences

Aeres University of Applied Sciences is a professional education institute situated in the centre of The Netherlands. Formerly a part of the North Sea, the present Polder province of Flevoland. In the programmes offered, professionals prepare for their careers in the knowledge domains of agriculture, food, horticulture, agribusiness and animal science.

International Campus

The International Campus in Dronten is a phenomenon for our international students. This is the place where you will truly experience the impact of an international study on your personal life. Students, from 20 different countries all over the world, study in Dronten each year. The international campus is therefore a true melting pot where you will meet new friends for life. The studies in Dronten are hard work, but campus life offers all kinds of possibilities to sometimes escape from the day-to-day routine.

Student enterprises

Aeres University of Applied Sciences also provides opportunities for students to run an enterprise in their field of education. At the University farm students can run their own student enterprises where they can practice their farm management skills in rearing pigs, sheep or poultry. The University Farm is a state-of-the-art agricultural production unit that also contains dairy and arable sections which are managed on a commercial basis. A greenhouse is located on campus where students in horticulture run their own enterprise. The students are responsible for the complete process from selection of the products they want to grow to marketing of the products.



Other courses at Aeres University of Applied Sciences

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