Logistics Engineering

SubjectLogistics, Business


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 7,835

More Information-

This programme takes four years to complete.

Course description

Students on the Logistics Management degree course learn how to direct and optimise activity in various areas such as physical distribution and human logistics.

Physical distribution focuses on  transport, storage, planning and communication between the parties involved. Human logistics focuses on the personal streams, which could mean logistics in the care environment, during events or in the case of a disaster.

Whatever specialization you choose, after graduating students are in a position to ensure that company processes work and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. In a Logistics Management role you will establish national and international contacts and work closely with many other disciplines and roles.

During their time at HZ students learn about all aspects of logistics and management, following subjects such as Human Logistics, Distribution, Purchasing and Economics.

Students choose a minor in the third year, which can be undertaken at HZ or one of our partner universities abroad. There is also two five-month internships aimed at testing your theoretical knowledge and skills in the workplace. 

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