European Studies

SubjectSocial Sciences, Politics


Type of DegreeBA

CostEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,375

More Information-

European Studies is an exciting, innovative bachelor’s degree aimed at training you to become a specialist in European matters.

You will acquire the key skills and competencies needed to start working as a professional in multicultural organisations the world over. Focusing on Europe and its relationship with the wider world, the programme provides you with advanced skills in intercultural communication, proficiency in at least 2 foreign languages and general management skills.

As part of the European Studies ‘Major’ you will also acquire basic expertise in the subject fields of European Policy and International Marketing. The ‘Minors’ European Studies offers, will enable you to further specialise and to choose to deepen in areas of Business Management or Law & Politics. You may also choose to deepen in the Communications area, pick a language based minor to deepen your knowledge, or indeed mix and match minors to get the best of all worlds!

The programme will introduce you to Europe and the many dimensions which it comprises. You will learn through lectures, seminars, workshops and discussion groups. You will also get the chance to sample Europe by meeting fellow students from all over the world, completing a six month exchange period at one of our many partner universities and finally working in an international environment during a four month work placement either in the Netherlands or abroad.

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Check out the testimonial of a British student, Clare Higgins, currently studying at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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