Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence

SubjectMathematics, Computing Science


Type of DegreeBSc

CostApprox.EUR 13,000



Cost non-EUEUR 13,000

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This unique programme stands at the intersection of major scientific disciplines: mathematics, computer science, physics and economics. All of them are crucial for analysing natural and social phenomena and, in particular, to develop the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that model the complex realities stored in the vast datasets available today.

The degree is ideal for students who have a strong background in mathematics and who want to acquire a deep and well-rounded understanding of the natural and social worlds. Students who spend three years at university deepening their knowledge in these fields can look forward to a career at the cutting edge of new technology and future knowledge.

The study plan aims to provide a rigorous theoretical preparation, in terms of contents and methods, in different areas of mathematics and computer science and in the modelling techniques of physics and economics. In addition, soft skills such as effective communication and ability to work in a team will be developed, enabling graduates to integrate and collaborate effectively in academic and professional contexts.

Programme Structure

First Year

  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Computer Science
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Probability
  • Foundations of Physics I
  • Foundations of Economics


Second Year

  • Advanced Analysis and Optimisation
  • Advanced Programming and Optimisation Algorithms
  • Basic Modelling in Machine Learning
  • Foundations of Physics II
  • Decision Theory and Human Behaviour
  • Mathematical Statistics

Additionally, in the second year students will learn a foreign language, and have the use of an AI Laboratory as well as Seminars in Digital Ethics and in Behavioural Skills


Third Year

  • Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence
  • Stochastic Processes and Simulations in Natural Sciences
  • Statistical and Quantum Physics
  • Game Theory and Mechanism Design
  • Mathematical Modelling for Finance
  • Modelling for Neurosciences

The third and final year also offers the students a wide range of elective courses as well as the opportunity to study abroad on exchange. Students can also take part in an internship either in Italy or abroad.

You can find more information about this new and exciting degree programme on the Universita Bocconi website.


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